Custom ajax and javascript development

Product finders, infinite scroll, one step checkouts, interactivity

Why use AJAX?

AJAX allows the webpage to communicate with the server and therefore the database without reloading the page. This has the following benefits:

  • Creates a more seamless visitor experience as parts of the page can be updated after the user interacts
  • Reduces server overheads

Why use JavaScript?

  • JavaScript allows the page to be interactive, increasing user engagement and therefore time on the site and potentially sales.
  • Since the IPad and IPhone have become such an important part of any web project and because these devices do not support Flash creating an interactive experience is now almost exclusively done with JavaScript.

How can we help you?

  • If you have a requirement for bespoke or custom JavaScript or AJAX development we are confident we can build what you want. 
  • Dynamically loading content with JavaScript and AJAX can create some interesting SEO and tracking issues, we can advise and create systems to solve these issues.
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Product finders/filters
Product finders are a great way of helping your customers to find the products they want, we can employ and criteria that is associated with the product record to refine the choice, from price and colour to stock level.
Infinite scroll
A common feature on a lot of sites is infinite scroll, as you reach the bottom of an article list the next ten articles load, you scroll down again and more load. We like this functionality but the SEO implications are important to consider.

Clearly a search engine isn't going to scroll down execute the AJAX and load the next batch of articles so its important to make sure that a more traditional pager system is in place that allows the search engines access to all of the articles, that is then replaced by the infinite scroll elements to ensure that all of your articles are indexed.