Geo location

Show the physical location of your products or services

Why use Geolocation?

  • Help your site visitors to more easily locate the products and services they require.
  • Ensure your visitors see one of your unique selling points - your location.
  • Increasing SEO benefits as search engines increase the importance of physical location.

What can we do for you?

  • Build an admin system and database structure that suits you to ensure the most accurate data with the minimal time.
  • Build a front end system to serve this data, this could be incorporated into product finders etc.
  • Build secure systems that allow your suppliers/branch managers/visitors to populate their own information reducing your admin overheads.
The visitor experience
We love the Google map API. This is such a versatile tool that gets better year on year the... and its free. There are many ways to locate your visitor on the map and then show your nearest branch etc. you can also let them set a range of how far they will travel or to draw an area on a map and only show e.g. properties within that area. There are a huge amount of possibilities and we are confident that if you have seen or imagined something you like we can build it and an admin system to power it.
The administration
Creating a simple to use admin system is key to getting accurate records. We have created many admin systems where products or services can have a location (or multiple locations) set for them. Typically we start a record by getting the address including the postcode, on the next step we display a map with our best estimate of the location based mainly on the postcode, On this screen the pointer can be dragged to further refine the position.
Let someone else do the work
If you have a large number of branches or locations then building a system where users, branch managers etc can set their own location data can be hugely beneficial. Developing admin panels where users can directly input their own locations not only reduces admin overheads but also improves the accuracy of the data.