Populate hosting and disaster recovery procedures

Where is populate hosted?

Populate has a number of servers all held with Namesco, one of the UK's largest dedicated hosting providers. All of our servers are the specification below: 

Server: Dell R210
CPU: Intel Xeon X3430 Quad Core 2.40 GHz
HDD: 2 x 500 GB SATA Western Digital
RAID: Hardware RAID 1
Server Location: Reading, United Kingdom
Network Connection: 100 Mbit/s
Operating System: Linux CentOS 5 

What backup routines are in place?

The first backup level is the raided hard disks. RAID level 1 (mirroring) is where two hard disks in the same server have exactly the same data on them, should one disk fail, the server continues to function from the remaining disk until the faulty one is replaced and the data automatically copied back to it. We also use Namesco's 24 hour backup service. The entire server is backed up every 24 hours onto a remote storage at the same server center. If the worst case scenario occurs we can restore data from (at most) the previous day minimising data loss. As an added precaution we also take remote weekly backups of the databases and the file structure. These remote backups are kept for 6 months allowing us to retrieve files or data that might have been inadvertently deleted but haven't been noticed.

What monitoring is in place?

We also take advantage of Namesco's monitoring service. The servers are continuously monitored, so if a server becomes unresponsive or suddenly receives higher than expected loading we and the Namesco support staff are notified and a solution is found as soon as possible.

What about security?

We also take great care with security. All critical services on our servers are firewalled so that access is completely blocked except for a white list of IPs. Our system is also audited on a regular basis to make sure it is not only secure from a server and hardware perspective but also to make sure that the server side scripts, login procedures etc are secure. 

Final word..

We take customer satisfaction very seriously. As such the security, up-time and performance of our customers websites is of paramount importance to us. We want our customers to rest assured that every effort is made to provide a faultless level of service