Multilingual website development

Extend the reach of your website into multiple languages

Why build a multilingual website?

  • Extend the reach of your website into new markets
  • Serve the correct language to your overseas customers
  • Manage one site in multiple languages rather than a separate site for each reducing overheads.

What can we do for you?

  • Set up a robust administration system for multiple languages
  • Set up a sound SEO strategy for multiple languages
  • Solve your SEO problems for multilingual content
  • Solve your character set issues
Controlling the translation workflow
Tracking changes in the primary language and making sure that these changes are made in the secondary languages is vital. We have built a number systems that track changes and create a translation task list. Each language is treated in its own right so a translator can log in and are shown a list of required translations. They go into the first task, the primary language is on the left and a text field on the right where they can make changes. As they submit the form, the task is cleared and they go straight to the next task.

This list is also prioritised usually by top selling products, most visited pages etc. This structured approach reduces mistakes.
Reducing admin time and costs
Using this task based approach massively reduces admin time and therefore costs.
SEO for all languages
Making sure each language is indexable on its own url, has the correct meta for each page and has its XML sitemap is essential.

A well thought out SEO strategy might not require the entire site to be translated. One site we completed recently was fully translated into three languages but another six languages were represented by a keyword-rich landing page that allowed the visitor to navigate to their choice of the three full language versions. This led to a mass of additional traffic for very little investment. It also gave a valuable insight into which language to translate next.
Tracking across domains and maintaining sessions
Running a multi lingual site usually involves various domains and sub domains and often an HTTPS area. Managing the transfer from one domain to another while maintaining a session in order to keep the visitor logged in , keep products in a cart of just to keep them tracked as a single visit be difficult to achieve.
Character set issues
Character set issues can be hard to resolve and is complicted further when using custom fonts. The image to the left show the same text rendered in two different charachter sets