Server based image manipulation

Automatically manipulate images on your web server

Why manipulate images on the server?

  • Automatically crop and resize images to reduce the admin overhead of uploading multiple sizes.
  • Watermark or otherwise manipulate images to protect copyright.
  • Automatically extract front covers from PDFs to create thumbnails.
  • Allow advanced admin image manipulation to reduce the admin time of exporting to Photoshop and re-uploading.

What can we do for you?

  • Build systems to allow your users to better control their images.
  • Build systems that allow your administrators to control site images.
  • Build systems that automatically watermark images for copyright protection.
Tags: PHP
Server based image cropping
The populate CMS has a built in cropping tool that allows a certain amount of image control however the technology is capable of so much more.. full online version of photoshop maybe?
Managed image library
The Populate CMS features an image library. All uploaded images are stored in here and are automatically resized into each size required e.g. thumbnail, nail and supersize. These can then be manually cropped if required. Completing this optimisation of each image size improves delivery of the pages by only delivering images at the size required, this helps with SEO by keeping the page load time as low as possible.