The content management system

Minimise your workload, maximise your presence

Populate is a multilingual content management system. We currently run up to fifteen languages from the same system including some very diverse character sets such as Polish, Russian and even right to left reading sets such as Arabic. These are all run from the same set of blogs, pages or products meaning you populate you common elements such as images once and the text is the only thing you have to handle per language.

The Populate system allows a separate URL for each language allowing search engines to index the content for each language,

We have many other features of the CMS

  • Multiple sites managed from the same admin panel allow easy cross site links
  • Template driven: The CMS uses whatever flavour of HTML, XHTML, XML, or JavaScript that you might require
  • Our system always is a hosted supported system. Once your site is set up you pay an annual subscription that covers support, all upgrades, the managed backup service and hosting
  • Automatic redirection (301) of URL
  • All links are dynamically driven so you never need to paster in a URL simply choose the page or article from a list
  • Set up multiple administrators with restricted access to areas 
  • Managed translation module for all content

Each project is unique get in touch using the link below and tell us your requirements and we will outline how we think we can help you and what the cost will be.