User login areas

Secure logins and cutomised user experience


What can building a user login area do for you?

  • Restrict access to pages, stories, downloads and documents to only permitted personnel
  • Allow logged in visitors to customise their experience making it more likely that they will return
  • Allow users to gather products or assets making it easier for them to return and complete a purchase.
  • Allow you to far more accurately track the activity of a user as you know exactly who they are
  • Allow users to see past transactions, shipping information etc.

What can we do for you?

  • Create a robust secure user login system
  • Create any level of privileges or interaction that your project requires
  • Create an intuitive administration system to monitor and track you users


Tags: PHP
The user experience
the front end login system should be simple and intuitive to use yet secure to prevent data loss. We have created many systems where the user can save their setting and preferences to enhance the experience of the website
The administration area
Being able to manage your users in a logical hassle-free way is essential, things we see as important in an admin system.
  1. Be able to create, edit, delete users
  2. Be able to issue passwords
  3. See related information such as order value
  4. See activity such as last login, number of logins
  5. Be able to search and reorder the search to help locate customers
  6. Be able to assign privileges quickly and easily